Initial consultation Free Meet your pet sitter
1 visit for up to 3 house pets $30.00 Pertains to pets living inside
2 visits $50.00 Two 20 minute visits daily
3 visits $70.00 Three 20 minute visits daily
Additional pets Negotiable Typically no charge
Extended visits $30.00 per hour Additional time for special care
Dog walk only $35.00 10-20 min walk, save on regular service
Walk with service $15.00 Walk in addition to care
Overnight visits $75.00 Per night
Watering Typically free Dependent upon your needs
Mail Free From your box to your table
Garbage Free Taking cans in or out
Mileage $3.00 per mile 1-way, applicable after 10 miles
Horse $50.00 Per night, plus feed  
Dog $50.00 Per night, plus food
Doggie daycare $20-$50 Dependent on time required
Cat $20.00 Per night, plus food
Equine care $40.00 Typically same $ per visit as pets
Livestock care $40.00 Feeding and watering large animals
Farm care $30.00 per hour Stall cleaning, fence repair, etc
Dispensing of medications Negotiable Pricing available upon request
Veterinary emergency $30.00 per hour Plus vet fees
Transportation Negotiable Dependent on the time required
Bathing Negotiable Based on pet and temperament
Nail trimming $10-$50 Based on pet and temperament
Pack walks Free For All Creatures clients and rescues
Dog training $100.00 per hour Behavior mod., leash manners, etc.
Board & Train (B&T) $100.00 per night Total behavioral reboot
Behavioral eval. & plan $150.00 Required if not doing B&T